Basirat Interchange in Karaj

A glance at the map of Karaj indicates the major flaws of the city’s main road network and with regard to the population growth in the city and surrounding areas creating a continuous network is indispensable. The important point in urban transportation system in Karaj is crossing of the Tehran-Karaj-Qazvin highway from the geographic center of the city and break of links of the north and south streets of the city.

In order to organize Mallard road entrance and Shahriyar and Anbar Naft Square traffic, construction of Basirat overpass, as one of the three major intersections in this area, was essential. The bridge has a length of 416 m and deck width of 10.2 m implemented as metal boxes with concrete deck ( composite), also geogrid system ( reinforced soil) was used for ramps. It is one of the few projects in the country which came on stream by the day and might efforts of staff four months ahead of schedule showing experience, management, planning and performance of the company.


General specifications and project volumes:

  • Type of contract: Design, Supply of materials and construction (EPC) 
  • Client:  Municipality of Karaj
  • Consulting Partner:  Rahab Consulting Engineers
  • Consulting Client: Sazian Consulting Engineers 
  • Start date of operations: May 2010 (Khordad 1389)   
  • Duration of the contract: 24 months- contract includes Janbazan, Basirat and first part of Shohadaye Artesh intersections.
  • The length of the deck of main bridge: 186 m
  • The largest bridge span: 36 meters
  • The roadway width on the main bridge: 10.2 m 
  • The number of access ramps: 2
  • The number of piers in main and side bridges: 5
  • The total length of main and secondary routes: 416 m
  • Type and stability system of bridge: metal structures with composite slab
  • The area of the bridge deck: 2400 square meters
  • The volume of concrete placement: 5000 cubic meters
  • The weight of Reinforcement: 400 tons
  • The weight of metal structure: 700 tons

  • Location:
    Karaj, Alborz
  • Area:
  • Start ِDate:
    Saturday, 22 May 2010
  • Finish Date:
    Tuesday, 22 May 2012
  • Project Type: