Shohadaye Artesh Interchange in Karaj

In reviewing the comprehensive plan of Karaj, some corridors have been defined as key pathways that by growing absorb of the passing traffic lead into the release of traffic level in the central part of the city.


The creation of key northern and southern corridors in order to increase the efficiency of city road network and due to a host of environmental effects and social and economic benefits that follows put the Shohadaye Artesh bridge (like the two bridges of Basirat and Janbazan) on top of the city priorities.


The bridge has a length of 575 m and the deck width of 24.66 meters and it has totally six round trip pass bands. Ramps were implemented by reinforced soil and bridge deck system is voided concrete slab, this bridge is located on Mallard road, Fardis fifth square.


General specifications and project volumes:

  • Type of contract: Design, Supply of materials and construction (EPC) 
  • Client:  Municipality of Karaj
  • Consulting Client:  Sazian Consulting Engineers
  • Consulting Partner: Rahab Consulting Engineers 
  • Start date of operations: May 2010 (Khordad 1389)   
  • Duration of the contract: 12 months  
  • The length of main bridge: 2 × 250 m
  • The largest bridge span: 20 meters
  • The roadway width on the main bridge:  10.75 m 
  • The number of access ramps: 4
  • The number of piers in main and side bridges: 26
  • The total length of main and secondary routes: 560 m
  • Type and stability system of the bridge: concrete structure with voided slab
  • The area of the bridge deck: 6250 square meters
  • The volume of concrete placement: 9500 cubic meters
  • The weight of Reinforcement: 1550 tons
  • The area of formatting: 13200 sq.m

  • Location:
    Alborz, Karaj
  • Area:
  • Start ِDate:
    Saturday, 22 May 2010
  • Finish Date:
    Sunday, 22 May 2011
  • Project Type: